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Urban Toolkit

Urban Toolkit proposes an open urban regeneration process in which diverse agents from the administration, the private sector and the civil society collaborate to transform Selb into a more resilient city through the urban tools.

These urban transformation tools integrate spatial, programmatic, economic, social, legal and environmental aspects facilitating the implementation of partial interventions that are dispersed but interconnected and developed through time in a parallel and independent basis. In order to mediate between the different potential agents and further develop the Urban Tools, OUR (Office for Urban Regeneration) is created. This office is responsible for the whole process besides communicating and monitoring it.

︎1st Prize - Europan 13

︎ Urban Toolkit: Claudia Sánchez + Íñigo Cornago + Irene Climent + Mario Vila + Antonio Garcia + Lara Freire
︎︎︎ Selb [GR]

︎ 2023
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