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Oral Histories of Bimanagar
The film focus on Bimanagar (also known as Life Insurance Corporation Housing) in Ahmedabad, one of the most significant yet overlooked projects of Indian architect BV Doshi.  It brings together the perspectives and narratives of the architect of the project and its current inhabitants, some original homeowners while other recent newcomers.

Through a series of interviews and conversations, it presents their views, recollections, ambitions, hopes, and fears around the estate's past, present, and future. While Doshi presents his goal of integrating physical and social structures, creating a township with a sense of community, by integrating various user income groups and allowing and fostering change over time; various inhabitants describe their experiences growing in the estate, the negotiations with neighbours to extend their homes and the growing pressure to redevelop the site in response of new urban regulations.

︎  Project: Íñigo Cornago + Christoph Lueder
Direction & Edition: Íñigo Cornago
Filmining & Interviews: Ruju Joshi
︎︎︎ Film: 12 ’10”

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︎ 2023
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